Our history

Gastronomia Moderna, a leader in the world of production and marketing of fresh food products, was founded in 2003, as a result of the experience of the founding members that since the sixties run the company Food family Bergamaschi.
Over the years, gaining experience with the consumer has become an important reality in the northern Italy, and is growing rapidly abroad, exporting to England, Switzerland.
The new born modern gastronomy, flanked by GM Events dedicated to catering, immediately establishes itself in the gastronomic Italian thanks to a constant commitment to research and technical development of its crafts and is getting very positive feedback from the commercial.
In 2008 the company began to develop the study of ravioli and fresh pasta. After the task, however, requires a strong specialization both for the structure and for the qualification of personnel, so as a result of the restructuring of production is decided to found in a separate wing of the property, a Raviolificio.
In addition to the technological evolution of products and their ingrendienti, the company's commitment is to grow a group of professional chefs high level, so as to produce the products already in place and develop new ones, providing their valuable support technical, supporting the study and research in the company after test through a series of strict tests.
Our commitment to improving tenico and product quality continues constant over time and that there acknowledge our loyal customers, increasingly growing every year.
The passion is still the same and the evolution continues at 100% Gastronomia Moderna Srl

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